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We have been selling top quality herbs, herbal blends, supplements and homeopathic remedies for horses for over 17 years. We feel our wide range of products help support your horse whether it is as a calmer, mobility support or many other issues. We have recently introduced our Pick 'n' Mix option so you can have a blend tailor-made for your horse.

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February 15th 2021


We are currently out of stock of slippery elm powder, which means our original Herbal Easi-gut has also been unavailable. Our Herbal Easi-gut (slippery elm free) is a very effective alternative, which is an equal blend of marshmallow, yea-sacc and milk thistle seed powder. Unfortunately, it does seem that we will not be able to source slippery elm for a while, as their is a global availability issue.

(from our supplier) "With regards to the Slippery Elm, there is a Global shortage currently, this originates from the USA, and the crop has been extremely poor which has really endangered the products availability."

February 2nd 2021


The affects of Brexit and the pandemic have really hit trade imports hard, particularly in the last month. We are seeing many delays on the import of herbal products by our main supplier, not helped by larger companies stock piling last year, when we saw stock levels affected. As a small family-run company, we are limited to how much we can store of the 40 herbs and supplements be stock.

We are in regular contact with our supplier and getting the products as soon as we can. Unfortunately, some products are not expected until March, with some not having an expected arrival date yet. We have managed to find some products with other suppliers, but at increased costs. We are also generally finding wholesale prices of herbs are increasing due to the pandemic and Brexit.

I'm afraid we will have to increase the prices of some of our products, in relation to the increases in wholesale prices. We always review our prices and hope that as the situation settles, prices will come down again and our prices can reflect this. We continue to strive to offer high quality supplements for your horses and competitive prices.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, we look forward to the day we are finally fully stocked again!

UPDATE re. sales to non UK customers
After much thought and investigation into the processes required, we are very sad to announce our decision to no longer sell products to customers abroad.
As our products are mainly natural plant based products, changes in the EU export rules require extensive changes to labelling, licenses, inspections etc. This may be something we can look into further at a later date, but currently with our sales levels as they are, and the pressure of the pandemic, it is not something we are able to do.
We are very sorry to our EU customers, this is not something we do lightly. We stopped selling to non-EU countries many years ago, as our herbal supplements and homeopathic remedies were regularly being confiscated by customs without us being informed and certainly not reimbursed. We fear a similar thing could now happen with EU countries.
Until we can guarantee the delivery of goods abroad within the new Brexit legislation, we are now only selling to United Kingdom addresses.