Horsey Trio of Treats (horse)

Our Horsey Trio of Treats includes our most popular products to treat your horse to a tasty snack and make their dinner extra scrummy. Even better, they are all healthy, natural and good for your horse.

Spearmint 50g - Mint has often been used to make feeds more appetizing for horses, and it certainly does that. Its ideal for horses who get small feeds due to being good doers, but you also want to give them a range of supplements. The spearmint makes them lick the bucket clean, without having to add extra nuts/ mixes to encourage them! It is also very good for general digestion, helping the digestive system get the nutrients the horse needs from its food. Just try some, you and your horse won't be disappointed!!!

Whole rosehips 150g - Rosehips are a very useful anti-oxidant, and are often known as a ‘blood tonic’. They are very good at helping to cleanse the body of toxins, and support the kidneys, liver and circulatory systems. They are also nutritionally important for healthy hooves, bones, skin and coat. These whole rosehips make a great healthy treat and are excellent for clicker training.

Linseed lozenges 250g - Linseed has always been well known as a useful horse feed due to the essential fatty acids is contains – omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9. It is a good source of easily digested protein and an abundant source of trace minerals. Linseed is good supplement for maintaining general vitality, energy and stamina due to the increased oxidation caused by the fatty acids. These linseed lozenges can be added to your horses daily feed (a handful a day) or used as a healthy treat. Excellent treat to use when clicker-training your horse!

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